Wednesday, 1 Dec 2021

What is Net Neutrality?

InterNet is an Internet service provided by companies in which data and other resources are transferred across the Internet. With millions of users accessing the Internet on a daily basis, the Internet can be termed as a world-wide communication facility. However, due to its size and importance, the Internet can only be accessed from a few selected locations. A person must be connected to the Internet through both cable and wireless service. Internet services are available at different levels depending on your geographical location.

The major component of the Internet known as packet switching network (PSTN) uses stateful packet switching technology to transmit data between end-points. The Internet is basically a large network, which links computers all around the globe. Through the Internet, individuals can share data and communicate with each other from anywhere using an Internet connection. Through time-sharing systems, computers on a network can connect to other computers in the same or different networks at any given time.

The Internet can help you get access to other information or resources located at different places. This is because Internet connections can be blocked at various points along the network depending on security considerations. For instance, during times of emergency, certain areas of the network may be unreachable, while others will provide you easy access to important information.

The term broadband has been broadly used to refer to both Internet services and time-sharing systems. Broadband services allow high-speed access to the Internet. Although, this speed is quite slow, it is widely used by most Internet users. One must use a modem to gain access to Internet services or time-sharing systems such as the Internet and World Wide Web. Similarly, a router along with a modem provides high-speed Internet connectivity.

Some basic computer services also use the Internet for providing online services. This is usually done using a browser. With the help of this browser, you are able to access various computer services and websites across the globe. This makes the Internet an ideal means of communication and conducting business for businesses large and small. For instance, you can order your favourite items from your favourite store using the Internet without even stepping out of your house.

People all around the world have benefited from the Internet. It provides them with affordable means of accessing information at any time. This helps them in performing research, shopping, banking and many other activities. In addition, the Internet also helps people in saving time and energy by enabling them to compare products and prices offered by various companies within a few seconds. All these benefits have made the Internet one of the most popular means of communication.

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