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How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android?

Have you ever found some same names or same telephone numbers in your Android phone contacts? They are duplicate contacts. You may have tried to remove or merge these duplicate contacts by yourselves but just feel it is troublesome to delete or merge them one by one. And even you sometimes delete other important contacts mistakenly. So, is there any way to delete multiple duplicate contacts at one time conveniently?

The answer is YES, you can get an efficient tool to help you - Android Data Eraser, which provides you with an easy and secure way to remove duplicate contacts from Android phone with ease. Actually, it can delete other more files from all Android based devices, including text messages, photos, videos, music, emails, account info, passwords, call history and more. By using it, you can delete all duplicate contacts from Android phone at once, no need to delete them one by one manually.

The following steps are about removing duplicate contacts from Android. You can also use it to import, export and edit Android phone contacts on computer. Just follow the instructions below carefully.

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One Click to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android Phone

Step 1. Connect Android phone to computer

After installing and running the Android Data Eraser, then connect your Android phone to computer via USB cable. The program will start to detect your phone and show it in its screen.

Step 2. Remove duplicate contacts from Android

All phone data will be scanned by the program automatically and now you can click the button of "Erase All Data". Android Data Eraser will start to remove all duplicate contacts from your Android phone instantly.

If you finish the instructions above, you can successfully delete the duplicate contacts on your Android phone. Now, you can try other functions of the program.

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