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Do you worry about leaking out important personal info from your old Android phone? Here you will find many useful guide to help remove files from all Android smart phone. But, if you want to know something about file transfer between two phones, be it Android, iOS or Symbian devices, check here.

Speed up Your Slow Android Phone
Find your Android device is becoming more and more slow? Read this article to see how to use Android Data Eraser to speed up your slow Android phone.

Delete Browsing History from Android
How to clear all web search history on Android phone or tablet? This article shows you the easiest way to delete browsing history from Android device in a few clicks.

Samsung SMS Eraser
Deleting text messages on Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 Edge/S5/S4/Note 7/6/5 is fairly easy for you have the most professional and easy-to-use Samsung SMS Eraser program.

Delete Browsing History on HTC Phone
Nowadays, deleting web browsing history on HTC One X/M8/M9/Desire becomes very simple by using the most powerful tool named Android Data Eraser.

Wipe Browsing History from Samsung Galaxy
Have tried to delete internet history on Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/Note 7/6/5 but can not do it? You can try Android Data Eraser to help delete browsing history from Samsung phone in two simple steps.

Free Up Android Space
The best way to free up your Android phone or Android tablet space is using Android Data Eraser, which is able to erase everything on your Android device instantly.

Free Up Space on Samsung Galaxy
If you wish to delete useless files on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note 7/6/5 permanently in order to free up the storage space on the phone, you can read on here.

HTC Contacts Eraser
Have so many useless contacts stored on your HTC One X/M8/M9/Desire and want to delete them off with one click? Here is the professional HTC Contacts Eraser to help deleting HTC contacts permanently.

Delete Duplicate Contacts on Nexus
If you want to delete duplicate contacts on Google Nexus then here is the best solution to help you get rid of all the duplicate contacts on your Nexus 7/6/5/4/6P/5X.

Remove Contacts from LG/Sony/Motorola
Want to delete all contacts on your LG/Sony/Motorola phone with one click? A secure Android Contacts Eraser can be a great helper to help you delete unwanted contacts with ease.

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