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Do you worry about leaking out important personal info from your old Android phone? Here you will find many useful guide to help remove files from all Android smart phone. But, if you want to know something about file transfer between two phones, be it Android, iOS or Symbian devices, check here.

Erase Reminders on Android Phone
The process of erasing reminders on Android phone can be as easy as pie. Launch the Android reminder eraser, select the reminder you want to delete and finally wipe them out with one click.

Clean Android Voice Memos
How to delete voice memos on Android mobile phone? This guide tells you the easiest and fastest way to clean Android voice memos for good, without any recovery possibility.

Delete Photos from Android Phone/Tablet
Want all private photos disappear from your Android phone or Android tablet? A secure Android data eraser can be a great helper. It helps you delete Android phone pictures with ease.

Android Notes Eraser for Mac/Windows
Spend a lot of time to delete notes on Android device one by one? Now, a professional Android data recovery program can help you erase Android phone notes with one click.

Wipe Call History from Android Phone
The procedure of deleting call history from an Android phone is quite easy. You can effortlessly erase call logs on Android phone with 1 click by using Android data eraser software.

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android
Sometimes we have duplicate contacts on Android phone, this problem troubles you a lot when you need to manage your contacts list. To completely remove duplicate contacts from Android, we write this article.

Wipe out Call Logs from Samsung Galaxy
This article tells you how to permanently delete all call history on Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4 before selling, donate and recycle.

How to Clean Android Photo Caches
This post introduces an ideal way to delete photo caches from Android mobile phone or Android tablet with a professional Android data erasing program.

Delete Apps Directly from Android
If you are searching for a way to enlarge your Android phone storage space, deleting apps from your Android device is a good place ot start. This articel will show you how to erase Android apps.

Permanently Erase Everything from Android
Your Android phone must contain much valuable information. Therefore, you'd better clean up your Android phone memory before you resell, donate or recycle your old Android phone.

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