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Do you worry about leaking out important personal info from your old Android phone? Here you will find many useful guide to help remove files from all Android smart phone. But, if you want to know something about file transfer between two phones, be it Android, iOS or Symbian devices, check here.

How to Erase Data from Android Phone Permanently
In this page, you will ge the best Android Data Eraser to help permanently remove files from your Android phone. Then you won't worry about revealing personal info after recycling or selling your Android device.

Easy Way to Erase Files from Samsung Galaxy Phone
This article will introduce you how to completely delete files from your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone with the best Samsung Data Eraser program.

Best Tool to Remove File from HTC Phone Permanently
With this HTC Data Eraser, you can wipe off all files from your HTC phone without missing any data. Now you can read this page to learn more.

Guide to Wipe off Data from LG Mobile Phone
Read this page, you will find the best LG Data Eraser to help erase the entire files on your LG smart phone. Then you can freely sell or recycle your LG phone without leaking out any personal information.

How to Erase Contacts from Old Samsung Phone
This post is just a guide, aiming at telling you an easy and fast way to safely delete all contacts from old Samsung phone for good within simple clicks!

Simple Guide to Erase Personal Files from Android Phones
In this passage, you will learn how to wipe out personal files from Android phones in an easy and efficient way!

How to Clean up Junk Files from Android Phones
This post is a guide, telling you how to clean up junk files from Android phones so as to free up more space on your phone and optimize the performance!

Delete Text Messages on Android Phone
This post mainly shows you how to delete text messages from Android phone. Just read it and follow the instructions to erase Android SMS messages easily and safely.

Android Contacts Eraser
Freeing up memory on your Andorid phones can be done in just 1 click now: Android Data Eraser will automatically delete all contacts on your Android mobile phone in a blink of eye.

Delete Calendar from Android Phone
It is simple to delete calendar on your Android mobile phone so as to make your Android device notification free. Just follow the steps in this article.

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