Mobile Phone Transfer Software

In various cases, you may need to transfer files from one phone to another. For example, if you buy a new phone, you possibly want to share everything from the old device to the new one, especially files like contacts saved in the internal memory and photos or videos taken on a special occasion. So how will you transfer these files from one phone to another? You may possibly still rely on the most traditional way - sync files from one phone to the computer and then export them to the other device. However, some files like contacts won't be supported. And can you endure the troublesome procedures? Here, this Mobile Phone Transfer Software offers you the easiest way for you, which is able to directly transfer files between two phones at ease, no matter they are of the same operating systems or different!

What can this Mobile Phone Transfer Software do for your?

  • Directly transfer everything between two mobile devices.
  • Suit various files like contacts, messages, photos, apps and more.
  • 100% clean and secure without bringing any potential dangers.
  • Compatible with Android phones, iPhones, and Symbian phones.

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Mobile Phone Transfer Software Key Features

Freely Share Data

  • Directly transfer any files from one phone to the other. Just connect the two devices to the computer, and you are free to share files between two devices at ease.
  • You are free to transfer batches of files at one time without wasting much time or causing unwanted data losses.

Support All Files

  • Files saved in the internal memory or SIM card like contacts, SMS messages can be easily copied from one phone to the other without a hassle.
  • As to the files saved in the external SD card, you can also effortlessly share them as wanted and needed!

High Compatibility

  • This software is fully compatible with different phones, including Android phones, iPhones and Symbian phones. You are totally free to sync any files between these phones.
  • This powerful software has two versions for different users: Windows version and Mac version.

Simple User Interface

  • Using this powerful software requires no professional skills, since it displays easy-to-understand user interface. All you need to do is follow the exact steps.
  • Phone to phone transfer cannot be more easier, since you can use it to transfer the maximum amount of files with the minimum time and effort.

How to Share Files with this Mobile Phone Transfer Software?

Make sure you have downloaded the right version of this software and then:

Step 1. Open the installed software on the computer. After that, get the two devices connected to the computer via two USB cords.

Step 2. Different file folders of the these two devices will be displayed on the top panel. You can then enter each tabs to choose the files you want to transfer from one phone to the other.

Step 3. Tick out the wanted files on the corresponding columns and then click on the right option to begin the file transfer. Finally, just wait for the process to complete.

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