Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Is Linux Better Than Windows?

The Linux operating system is one of the leading free software communities all over the world. Linux is an open source, multi-platform, and free software community dedicated to providing software solutions and community services for users and developers. It originated from a suite of free software that includes the Linux operating system, the GNU/HPL (GNU Public License), and the Open Source Definition. These communities are funded by various organizations and individuals such as the Linux foundation, Red Hat, Microsoft, and others. The Linux source code is available under the General Public License, whereas the Linux kernel is licensed under a permissive copyright.

Linux started out as an operating system for computers at the University of California at Berkeley. Later, it was ported to a different operating system for use in commercial computer equipment. Today, Linux is the most widely used desktop operating system. Some of the key developers of Linux are: Linus Torvalds, Linus Giessler, and Robert J. Kiyosaki. In addition to the numerous companies that develop Linux, several billions of dollars are being spent each year on Linux distributions and related infrastructure.

In contrast to windows operating systems, Linux does not come with pre-installed software. In other words, you have to install your own applications if you want to run various software. However, this is comparatively easier to do than with windows. Since Linux is an open source operating system, it has an active community that produces many alternative packages of software. For instance, there is a very large community of software engineers who maintain the Open Source operating system project.

As compared to windows, Linux has a number of disadvantages. First, unlike windows, it does not support the Microsoft Windows server platform. On the flip side however, Linux can be customized very easily and there are thousands of developers who write thousands of programs for Linux and provide support for different operating systems. So, the availability of thousands of programs in the market provides more opportunity to programmers and users to develop new programs. Moreover, Linux is the least expensive of the three operating systems.

Unlike windows, Apple users will not find any ready made programs to customize their Macs as most of the ready-made applications for these systems are not compatible with Mac OS. Moreover, the Mac operating systems lack support for a number of popular third party applications such as the Adobe Reader and QuickTime. Linux also lacks the capability to run Microsoft Office applications. Therefore, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, which will help you with all of your office needs, then open source software operating systems such as Linux are the way to go.

To conclude, I would say that yes, Linux is better than Windows when it comes to the functionality aspect but there are certain aspects that may make Linux a viable option only for large organizations and businesses. Due to the massive competition in this field, many companies are creating tools that are cross-platform compatible with Linux. However, these tools are usually priced so that small business can’t use them without any significant financial outlay.

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