Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Internet Resources

The Internet is indeed a vast virtual network that connects computers all around the world to the web. Through the Internet, individuals can share data and communicate with each other from virtually anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. With the growth of the Internet as a means of global communication, several laws were placed to protect users’ rights online. One such law involves website copyright infringement.

The term “copyright” refers to the legal right enjoyed by owners of certain types of intellectual property to prohibit other people from accessing their works without paying for them. For example, books are the intellectual property of authors while music is the property of producers. Therefore, it is illegal to download music or books from the internet without obtaining the owner’s permission. However, this is not the case when it comes to websites. There are several ways in which web pages can be accessed using the Internet.

Most people associate the Internet with e-mailing and browsing through the World Wide Web. However, there are other ways via which the Internet can be accessed. It is possible to connect to the Internet using a modem from a computer, phone or other device which is capable of receiving and transmitting signals from one another. Thus, computers and phones are the easiest ways of connecting to the World Wide Web. Connecting to the Internet through devices such as telephones and modems enable people all over the globe to access the global network of the internet.

The Internet itself has several protocols for users to gain access to its global network of resources. When web browsers to connect to the Internet to gain access, they transfer information between the user’s computer and the Internet. This transfer of information is known as the internet protocol (IP) for easier identification. In order to locate a particular webpage, a user may type in the address or domain name of the website in the query box of the web browser.

Another method of accessing the internet is through a service called e-mail. E-mail is electronic mail that allows messages to be sent and received by the user on a server without the need for the client’s computer. This is the most commonly used means of sending electronic mail to other users or to other parties who are not connected to the internet. Some e-mail services such as yahoo! Email allow a user to check his or her inbox for the existence of a particular e-mail while others such as Gmail and Hotmail allow a user to store important documents and correspondences online.

The World Wide Web is made possible by the ARPANET, an internet service provider. ARPANET was established in October of 1995 and is a research and educational network project funded by the US Department of Defense. A primary objective of ARPANET was to connect two different systems with the help of a computer network and extend internet services to include intranets and extranets. Internet services provided by ARPANET include email, Usenet, news reader, file sharing, chat rooms and news delivery.

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