Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Building A Successful Brand

BBK Electronics, one of the major manufacturers of digital cameras in China, is known for its high quality digital cameras. The company’s products are well-known for their high picture quality, advanced features and great value for money. BBK Electronics produces compact-sized digital cameras that are easy to carry, is very attractive to look at and are quite capable of giving your images a good quality. The company has a great line up of products, which includes both new and old models. This article will give you some information about BBK Electronics and what they have available to buy.

BBK Electronics sells phones under the Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, Realme, iQOO and iLocalis brands. It also sells Blu-ray players, headphone amplifiers, wireless speakers and smartwatches under Oppo Digital. In the digital camera segment, BBK sells two popular brands viz. Pantone and Casio. Both these brands sell cameras and camcorders under their own brands. Their prices are not too high and one can get a good camera from them at a good price.

Another interesting thing about this company is that it manufactures both android and iOS apps. These two platforms dominate the smartphone market in India and with more companies joining the fray, one can get these apps under one single brand name. With app stores coming up all over the country from various Chinese companies like Oppo, Lenovo, Sanyo and others, one can get a lot of apps for his/her smartphone. BBK Electronics has already launched apps for LG phones and HTC mobiles and plans are in the pipeline for more to come.

When we talk about the camera segment of this company, the company manufactures one of the most popular cameras of the segment, the Realme. With a resolution of 14 megapixels and optical zoom of two inches, it is not just a regular camera but something special for photographic enthusiasts. With advanced image processing technologies and great colors, one can get the best result out of it. With its success in the realme segment, one can expect big things from this company in future especially if it wants to enter the smartphone market.

The home appliances division of BBK Electronics is another success story. With brands like Smartwasher, Delonghi, Boquete etc., one can look forward to a complete range of homeware products for the home from here. The brands that manufacture appliances for the home segment include Tefal, MRW Industrial, Omaxe, Agio, Ecom Europa, ThyssenKrupp Access, etc. Being a big brand name in its league, BBK Electronics is confident about its future in this sector and is planning to take this brand further to international market with great success.

In the front camera segment, the BBK brand continues to rule the roost with great innovation and product quality. Its latest offerings like HD+ and Hi8 Plus give it an advantage over its competitors. With a price range of Rs 1299 and up, one can own a first class HD+ camera with a decent audio quality as well. With an amazing feature packed Hi8 Plus and an appealing price range, one can’t go wrong with any of BBK products. For anyone who wants to take their daily snaps to the next level, this is the right brand to beat the competition with.

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